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Dona Watson

Be the Warrior Queen (Signed Hardcover)

Be the Warrior Queen (Signed Hardcover)

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Warrior Queens Rise Up! It’s time for God’s daughters to take back territory the enemy has stolen.

For ages, women have been the glue that holds families and organizations together. And yet, society seems determined to wreak havoc on women’s identities, making it difficult for God’s daughters to fulfill their God-given destinies.

BE THE WARRIOR QUEEN is a guidebook full of practical Christian strategies that line up with God’s Word. These strategies can be implemented easily to restore peace to your life and strengthen your walk with God, all while enabling you to press ahead into your destiny as a daughter of Almighty God.

It’s time to take a stand for our families, our communities, and our nation. No matter what your struggle is, this guidebook will give you the tools you need to step into your role as a warrior queen for God’s Kingdom.

Table of Contents:

1: What is a Warrior Queen?
2: Standards Bring Order
3: No Substitute for Victory
4: The Battle Queen’s Armor
5: Keeping the Comm Lines Open
6: Prepare for Victory: Threat Assessment & Counter-measures
7: Active Tactics for Victory
8: Holding Your Hard-Won Ground
9: Providing for the Troops
10: Expose Treachery, Deceit, & Untruths
11: Battle Scars
12: No One Left Behind: Our Battle Ethos

About the Author:

DONA WATSON has a passion to seek God and help others grow closer to Him. As a pastor’s daughter, she had a front-row seat to seeing God’s miracles unfold time and again and now loves to share with others how, with God, all things are possible. She writes and lives on a little farm at the forest’s edge in middle Tennessee with a small menagerie of animals.

Note: This is a hardcover, signed by the author. Prefer a different format?
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