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Dona Watson

21 Days of Grace (Hardcover)

21 Days of Grace (Hardcover)

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21 Days of Grace is the first book in the Fiction Lover's Devotional series--collections of short fictional stories followed by brief Life Applications, each chapter written by a different author.

Love fiction? Looking for a devotional? This book is for you!

Don't you just love reading fictional stories about characters you can relate to, who experience situations similar to your own, and learn from those examples how to live out your faith? Don't you find that life lessons are more easily absorbed that way?

But when you have your quiet time with the Lord, you want something with a bit more depth ... and a little bit shorter, right?

21 Days of Grace fits that need. This first book in the Fiction Lover's Devotional series is a collection of engaging, inspirational short fiction stories written by new, intermediate, and well-known authors including Angela Hunt, Deborah Raney, Cindy Woodsmall, Tracy Higley, Cecil Murphey, DiAnn Mills, Robin Bayne, and more.

Like Jesus' parables, these stories deal with important life issues in a subtle, unpressured manner. And, as Jesus did, the authors follow up with life applications based on the stories, suggesting how the inherent lessons can be applied to the reader's daily life.

You can take this purse-sized devotional with you wherever you go, to read when you have a few minutes of down time ... on vacation, while you're waiting for the kids, sitting in a doctor's office, anytime you want some "inspiration on the go." Or read these stories over breakfast, at lunch break, before bed, or curled up in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee or tea. They are sure to provide insight, encouragement, and refreshment for your soul.


Foreward, Rene Gutteridge
Through a Dark Glass, by Cindy Woodsmall
The Smallest Gift, by Robin Bayne
True Confession, by Angela Elwell Hiunt
Promptly at Seven, by Barbara Curtis
We Called Him Happy Face, by Cecil Murphey
Rag Doll, by Kathy Ide
Prairie Lessons, by Deborah Raney
The Pain Redemption, by Roxanne Anderson
The Guilty Party, by Nancy Arant Williams
A House with Pillows, by Kathi Macias
Be Grateful in All Things, by Diana Simmons Dill
A Waffle Stop Story of Love and Pistols, by Buck Storm
The Least of These, by Dona Watson
Rower's Wisdom for an Empty Tank, by Jeanette Morris
The Setting ... The Pruning ... The Fruit, by Amarilys Gacio Rassler
Among the Shades of Gray, by Carolyn Bennett Fraiser
Afraid to Ask, by Jeanette Hanscome
Fall from Grace, by Tracy Higley
Thorns, by Nanette Thorsen-Snipes
The Mask, by DiAnn Mills
There and Back, by Lori Freeland

Publisher: Broadstreet Pub Group LLC (June 1, 2015)
Language: English
Hardcover: 190 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1424550234
Dimensions: 5.75 x 0.75 x 7.5 inches
Condition: New

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